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If your employees, sales channels, or distributors are using cumbersome catalogs, binders and directories, these are some questions you might want to ask:

Q. Will Digital Print Card help our users find information faster and more efficiently?
A. Digital Print Card can search for pages, phrases, words or jump to any section in a 1000+ page catalog in seconds.

Q. How much storage space can be saved when switching to Digital Print Card?
A. A storage room filled with 350 page bound catalogs can store over 100x that quantity in Digital Print Cards.

Q. Our organization prints more than necessary to attain reasonable pricing and to avoid large rerun printing costs. How will Digital Print Card solve this problem?
A. Keep your literature up to date by ordering what you need now, not what you might need in the future. Our low minimum quantity requirements and competitive pricing offers you far greater flexibility.

Q. We would like to release our material more frequently but find it cost and time prohibitive to do so. How feasible is this with Digital Print Card?
A. Releasing new or updated material is a trivial task when working with Digital Paper Technologies. Just send us your new files and we will take care of the rest. Your order will be ready to ship within 1-3 weeks (depending on quantity and special requests). Remember, prices are far less than print at all quantities.

Q. Some of our users struggle to read small type in our printed materials, how easy is it to read type in Digital Print Card?
A. Digital Print Card features multiple zoom levels. With a single mouse click your reader can view printed materials several times normal size.


In the business world, establishing brand awareness allows organizations to achieve strong customer loyalty and realize higher sales margins. Additionally all companies are concerned with the rate at which sales, advertising, and promotional efforts produce responses.

Q. We promote our organizationís web site through our printed materials, how can we improve on this with Digital Print Card?
A. Digital Print Card can take users to your web site physically with a click of the mouse. Donít just promote your web site by writing the address on paper, deliver the web site instead.

We allocate large budgets for expensive catalogs (manuals/binders/etc.), but wonder if this is differentiating us from the rest?
Every common and odd sized catalog, brochure, and binder is old news. On the other hand, most people have not seen the unique size of a Digital Print Card in their life. Your organization will never have an easier time achieving recognition.

Q. We are all over sold, over cluttered, and inundated with information, solicitations and junk each day. How will the Digital Print Card fare in this environment?
A. Digital Print Card is visually unique; this will separate your content from the rest. Its small size is a refreshing change from large binders or bound catalogs. Digital Print Card makes life easier for your users.


Digital Print Card is dramatically less expensive than what your organization is currently paying for print.

Q. Do you mail any of your current printed material? What are you paying for postage?
A. Digital Print Card mails with letter postage. Less if its bulk mailed. Many of our clients were mailing print pieces at postage rates of over $3.00 per unit. Clients with large bound catalogs or directories often spent $5+ per unit on postage.

Q. How much do you have to print to get acceptable prices? Do you want to print in full vibrant color?
A. Digital Print Card is cheaper than most printed catalogs at any quantity. The larger your print project the more savings you can expect using Digital Print Card. Each Digital Print Card can display between thousands of pages of information. Can you begin to see the potential cost savings? This new found capital can be used to fuel new sales or improve the bottom line. Save over $10,000 when switching a high quality 50 page color catalog to Digital Print Card @ 5,000 quantity. With these benefits and savings the Digital Print Card makes sense. Imagine the effect of reinvesting the freed $10,000+ into sales and advertising. The cumulative effect of moving to Digital Print card can be staggering. Cost savings when using Digital Print Card instead of printing a 52 page Color Catalog @ 5,000 Quantity Costs reduced by $11,200