Streaming Video and Audio Hosting For All Major Formats

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Streamhoster is a video and audio hosting service specializing in complete streaming support for all major video and audio formats. Streamhoster offers on demand streaming, live broadcast streaming, secure streaming, and encoding services. We believe, after evaluation, you will find Streamhoster to lead in features, service quality, performance, support and cost at all cost levels.

Streamhoster on demand streaming accounts include full support for Windows media, Flash and QuickTime. Our streaming video accounts will allow you to stream your video over the Internet using optimized streaming infrastructure. Each Streamhoster service is flexible, includes plenty of resources and is tuned for performance. If streaming video will benefit your organization, you've come to the right place. Streamhoster is one of few, and perhaps the only video host, providing support for all major formats through one streaming video account. The Streamhoster control panel will provide direct links to each file in your account. The service provides all possible link types for each file, including streaming, progressive download and file download.

Streamhoster live broadcast streaming accounts are available for Flash, Windows Media, and QuickTime formats. These fully bursting accounts will ensure excellent performance for your live broadcast project.

Inquire about our security add-on for on demand streaming and live broadcast streaming services. With the inexpensive security add-on, you can customize authentication and access control for your project.

Our team maintains the highest standard of service through all our offerings. Our online private support desk and toll-free phone allow us to provide you with the level of support and communication you deserve. Support is available 24/7 with fast response via online helpdesk and email.